Peruvian foodstuffs enjoy huge acclaim in Thailand


Peruvian foodstuffs enjoy huge acclaim in Thailand

• Grapes, cranberries, quinoa and cocoa were the main Peruvian food exports to Thailand during the first quarter of this year.

• The Thai and Peruvian governments are finalizing protocols to allow the entry of Peruvian citrus fruits and pomegranates into Thailand.

• Peru’s Trade Office in Asia is launching a promotional campaign in the retail and ecommerce segments.


Peru is one of the Latin American countries with the biggest international impetus. Food exports represent the nation’s second
biggest source of foreign currency and although its main destination markets are North America and the European Union, growth in the fruit and vegetable trade with Asia has been highly significant in the last few years.

Thailand is the destination of 2.5% of Peruvian exports to Asia. In 2019, imports of fresh Peruvian produce reached 14,679 million dollars, a fairly modest figure that the Peruvian trade office in Asia is determined to increase. With almost 70 million inhabitants, the per capita consumption of fruit in Thailand is more than  150 kilos per year, and with an unstoppable rise in the popularity of premium  products, the country offers tremendous growth potential for Peruvian superfoods.

For this reason, the Peruvian administration and the Thai government are moving  forward with the development of protocols and phytosanitary requirements that  will give Peruvian citrus fruits and grenadines access to the market in the near  future. At present, fresh grapes top the ranking of Peruvian fruit and vegetable exports to Thailand. In 2019 they accounted for 5% of all imported grapes, and in the first quarter of 2020 the figures continue to look positive. Other Peruvian  products that reached the Thai market during the same period were cranberries, avocados, quinoa and cocoa.

“Thai consumers appreciate the high quality of Peruvian products. For this  reason, our efforts are geared towards making people more aware of our  products so they can distinguish the attributes that set them apart from produce  from other countries. To this end we have rolled out several ‘Super Foods Peru’  promotional campaigns in the Thai market, both at points of sale and online,” explained the Trade Commissioner of PROMPERÚ in South-East Asia, Erick Aponte.

“In supermarkets we are organizing tasting sessions of cranberries in conjunction  with the company Navatan World Fruits, notably in the chains of Foodland, Tops, Max Value and The Mall. Online, through the Fresh Living ecommerce platform, we are currently promoting avocados, chia and quinoa, and later on they will be  joined by cranberries and grapes,” added the Peruvian representative.



At present, Asia accounts for 9% of all Peruvian food exports worldwide. China  is the leading Asian market for Peruvian foods, with a market share of 30% of all  exports, followed by Hong Kong (20%), South Korea (14%), Japan (12%) and  Indonesia (8%).

On a smaller scale, but showing strong growth, are exports to Malaysia, Taiwan,  Vietnam and Thailand. This last market is of particular importance to Peru due to  the tremendous trade potential the country offers.

PROMPERÚ’s trade office for South-East Asia, based in Hong Kong, works to  increase demand for Peruvian foods by opening new markets, establishing  strategic partnerships, signing new export protocols, and rolling out tactical  promotional campaigns aimed at both the retail segment and the end consumer.



Peru’s tremendous biodiversity, along with its varied geography which encompasses the ocean, coastline, mountains and jungles, enable the country to offer a huge range of top quality produce all year round.

Since 2017, Peru has marketed its products under the ‘Super Foods Peru’ brand,  which seeks to showcase the high nutrient content of Peruvian foods. In addition  to fruit and vegetables, Andean grains such as quinoa, native roots such as maca, and various fisheries products are all covered by this distinctive quality mark.

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